5 Easy Steps to Fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

Do you have issues getting your TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs connected to Wi-Fi, Alexa, Echo, IFTTT or Google home? You’re not alone. These are the issues you may have when using smart plugs.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting
TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug

Kasa smart plugs allow you to control the device via its app remotely and they are only possible when you’re connected to the same network.

However, if you’re unable to connect the smart plug to Wi-Fi, you may not enjoy the smart features. In the paragraphs that follow, you’ll find some troubleshooting tips to help you fix Kasa Smart Plug not connecting to Wi-Fi, Alexa, Echo, IFTTT or Google home

Without further delay, let’s begin!

 How to Fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help with some connection issues with your Kasa Smart Plug:

Power Cycle the Smart Plug

First, confirm that your device has power and is turned on. Your smart plug won’t find the Wi-Fi network if it is not powered on.

When you’ve confirmed your smart plug has power but is refusing to connect to Wi-Fi, power cycle the smart plug and this should fix the problem.

Power cycling the smart plug may help it recover from any inactive state or internal failures. This may help fix the problem.

Follow the steps below to power cycle your smart plug:

Step 1: Unplug the smart plug from its power source (Wall outlet or power strip)

Step 2: Allow the smart plug to rest for 30-60 seconds

Step 3: plug the device back into power and switch it on

Now Try reconnecting your smart plug back to Wi-Fi and see if this fixes the problem

Ensure You’re Entering the Correct Wi-Fi Detail

When connecting your Kasa Smart Plug to Wi-Fi, ensure you’re entering the correct Wi-Fi details and password else, your smart plug won’t connect.

If your smart Plug is refusing to connect, there are chances you’re entering the wrong Wi-Fi password. If you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi credentials, log in to your right router’s dashboard on your browser and change the password.

Next, ensure you’re connecting to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network band, as Kasa Smart Plugs do not support the 5GHz network bandwidth.

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The 2.4 GHz band is stronger at penetrating solid objects and has a longer range than the 5 GHz band, but it is more prone to interference because so many smart home gadgets may operate on the same frequency.

If you have a dual-band router, ensure you switch to the 2.4GHz band and this should help in fixing the problem.

Improve the Wi-Fi Network/Signal

If you’re still having issues getting your Kasa Smart Plug connected to Wi-Fi after trying all the steps above, then it may be because of a poor network signal.

If the wireless signal is too weak, your smart plug may not connect to Wi-Fi. To fix this, move your router closer to the smart plug to increase the network speed and signal.

The wireless signal may be too weak; if it is less than two bars, you’ll need to move the plug closer to your router.  Ensure that both the router and smart plug are within the same range for a successful and faster connection.

If there are obstructions between your router and smart plug, remove them and try reconnecting back to Wi-Fi and see if this improves the network connection.

If the network bar on your router is less than 3, the network connection is poor. Your smart plug should be at least 100 feet within the range of your router to ensure better and faster connectivity.

To fix this, get a Wi-Fi extender or repeater to help improve the range the network can cover and also the strength of the network.

Continue the next troubleshooting tip if you’re still unable to get your smart plug connected to Wi-Fi.

Update the Firmware

An outdated firmware may cause connectivity issues between smart plugs and Wi-Fi connections. So, always check for updates within the Kasa app.

Update your Kasa Smart Plug is done within the Kasa app. The update process takes less than a minute if there’s an update.

When the firmware update is complete, it should fix the problem of your smart plug not connecting to Wi-Fi.

To update your smart plug firmware, do these:

Step 1: Open the Kasa app on your Android or IOS device

Step 2: Go to Menu and select settings

Step 3: Check for firmware update and select it.

If there’s a firmware update, it will show here else, you won’t find anything meaning your device is up to date. If you found an update, click on it and update your device.

Try reconnecting back to Wi-Fi and see if this fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, reset your Kasa Smart Plug with the steps below.

Factory Reset TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug

Your Kasa Smart Plug can be reset to help you resolve any issues you may experience if you’ve tried all the steps above and none worked.

Remember that when you reset a device to its factory default settings, all of your customized settings will be lost and you need to set it up all over again.

To soft reset your Kasa Smart Plug, find the power button which may be at the top of the smart plug depending on the model you have, press and hold for about 5 seconds and this will reset the network without losing your care configuration.

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Now try to reconnect back to Wi-Fi and see if this fixes the problem. If not, hard reset your Kasa Smart Plug with the tip below:

To hard reset the smart plug, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the LED light blinks amber rapidly.

This should reset the smart plug to its factory default settings. Now, set it up and try reconnecting back to Wi-Fi.

How to Fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to Alexa

If your TP-Link Kasa Smart plug is not connecting to Alexa, here is how to fix it:

Step 1: Download the TP-Link Kasa app and set up your smart plug

Step 2: Open the Alexa app and log in

Step 3: In the app, click the + (Plus) sign to add new devices

Step 4: Select plugs and find The TP-Link Kasa app

Step 5: To bind Alexa and your smart plug, click on discover your devices and add up your smart plug

This should help you get your TP-Link Kasa Smart plug connected to Alexa.

How to Fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to Echo

To be able to use Echo or connect your smart plug to Echo, the smart plug must first be connected to Amazon Alexa.

Step 1: Open the Kasa app

Step 2: Select Main Menu

Step 3: Select works with Kasa

Step 4: Find Alexa and connect.

This should help fix the connection issue between your smart plug and Echo. If you still have issues, do this;

Try to reboot the smart plug, Echo and your Wi-Fi network then re-discover on Alexa after switching them back on.

Additionally, confirm if the Kasa App is capable of controlling the device. If not, check the control and internet access settings.

How to Fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to Google Home

Step 1: Log into Google Home App.

Step 2: Tap the  “Add” button.

Step 3: Select the “Set up device” and then “Works with Google”

Step 4: Click on the Search icon, and search for Kasa. Then select “TP-Link Kasa”.

Step 5: Sign in to your “KASA” account, then click on Authorize.

Step 7  Now you can see all your devices linked to your Kasa account,  long press the device button, and choose a home and room for the smart device.

If you have difficulty getting your device connected to Google home, ensure that you’re linked to the Kasa app when connecting to Google Home.

Also, ensure that the device and router are in the same room. This should help you fix your TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug not connecting to Google Home.

How to Fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to IFTTT

Step 1: Download and Install the IFTTT app on your Android or IOS device

Step 2: Create an account and log in if you don’t have an account

Step 3: Open the IFTTT app, tap on the “+” sign and add up your Kasa Smart plug

Step 4: If you use a WIFI router as Trigger, ensure the router is IFTTT-supported, and the router has a cloud account.

This should help you fix TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug not connecting to IFTTT. Contact the TP-Link customer support for help if you still have issues.

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TP-Link Smart Plug Not Turning On

TP-Link smart plugs are a type of smart home device that can be used to control the power supply to appliances remotely. However, these devices might sometimes fail to turn on or respond to commands. This can be caused by a faulty outlet, a weak Wi-Fi connection, or incompatibility with the appliance being controlled.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can plug the smart plug into a different outlet to see if that resolves the problem. If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting the device by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. 

Additionally, you can check if the appliance being controlled is compatible with the smart plug. This can be done by checking the device’s user manual or contacting the manufacturer’s support team for assistance. 

By following these steps, you can fix any issues you are experiencing with your TP-Link smart plug and enjoy the convenience of controlling your appliances remotely.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to App

Are you experiencing difficulty connecting your TP-Link Kasa smart plug to the Kasa app? While it may be frustrating, several tips can help you resolve this issue. 

One possible cause is that your smart plug may not be connected to your Wi-Fi network. This can be due to several reasons, such as a weak signal or interference from other devices. Try moving the smart plug closer to the router or changing the Wi-Fi channel. You can also reset the smart plug and follow the instructions on the Kasa app to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi network. 

Another potential cause is that your smart plug may need to be updated to the latest firmware version. You can check this in the Kasa app under Settings > Firmware Update. If an update is available, follow the instructions to complete the update. 

Lastly, your smart plug may not be registered to your Kasa account. This could happen if you have changed your phone or tablet or logged out of the app. To register your smart plug, go to Settings > Account > Devices on the Kasa app and tap on Add Device. Follow the instructions to register your smart plug to your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What Should I Do When I Can’t Turn Devices on or off Using Kasa?

Ensure that the Kasa Smart Plug is ON and the devices are connected to it. Check that the app’s remote-control option is turned on so you may control your device remotely.

Q. What Should I Do When the Led Is Lit Solid Amber?

The solid amber light on display on your smart plug shows a no-network connection. To fix this problem, check your network connection and ensure you have a good network connection.

Next, move the smart plug closer to your router or Wi-Fi network and away from other electronic gadgets to avoid interference.

Q. Can I Use This if I Don’t Have Alexa, Google Home, Etc? Can I Use It Using Only the Kasa App?

A: Yes, you can. But for better functionality and seamless control, set up your Kasa Smart Plug with Alexa or Google Home.

Q. Can I Set the Plugin App to Automatically Turn at Sunset and Then off at Say 11 PM?

Yes, you can schedule sunrise and sunset using the Kasa app, making it easy to automate the power status of your smart plugs.

Q. Why Would I Need to *Create a Kasa Account* If I Want to Use the Plug With Alexa?

While you don’t have to have a Kasa account to use your devices, signing up for an account provides added functionality.

Alexa is integrated with Kasa smart plugs through the cloud. This cloud connectivity requires the creation of a Kasa account, which must be linked to your Kasa products for Alexa to recognize and integrate with your Kasa IoT devices.

Final Words

In Conclusion, there you have steps to help you troubleshoot Kasa Smart Plugs not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Ensure to try all the troubleshooting tips to see which one helps to fix the problem. Contact Kasa’s support for help if you’re still having issues with the smart plug. Checkout Smart Plug Not Connecting if you’re not using a Kasa Smart Plug.

As a last resort, replace your smart plug. Click here to buy the original from Amazon