REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Full Troubleshooting Guide

REOLINK wireless security cameras, like any electronic device, can occasionally experience glitches that prevent them from working properly. So, if you’re having issues with your REOLINK wireless security cameras, worry no more, as this article has all the answers you’re looking for.

This guide covers solutions for the most common issues you may encounter with your REOLINK wireless cameras, such as:

  • The live view not working
  • Motion alerts stopped triggering  
  • Unable to view or download video clips
  • Camera offline/not responding
  • Features like night vision or microphone not functioning and more

Without further ado, Let’s begin!

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Full Troubleshooting Guide

Overview of REOLINK Wireless Security Cameras

REOLINK wireless security cameras connect to your home WiFi network to provide live streaming, motion alerts, cloud recording options, and more – all without running video cables. Popular models like the Argus, Go, and E1 series offer 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way audio, and weatherproofing for outdoor placement.

The REOLINK mobile app lets you access your camera feeds remotely from iOS and Android devices. The cameras also work with NVRs for local recording storage and automation features like custom motion zones.

Common Issues with REOLINK Wireless Cameras and How to Troubleshoot

Despite their reliability, REOLINK wireless cameras can develop problems like any other security camera. Follow these tips to get your REOLINK wireless camera functioning properly again.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Not Working 

If your REOLINK wireless camera is entirely unresponsive, won’t turn on, or doesn’t show any video, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check the Power and Connections. Make sure the camera is receiving power from the power adapter. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the adapter. For battery-powered models, insert a freshly charged battery if the battery has run. 
  2. Check the physical camera and antenna connections. Ensure cables are fully plugged in at both ends.
  3. Resetting and Re-pairing Camera. Press and hold the reset button on the camera for 10-15 seconds to reset it. This will clear any software errors. You’ll need to re-pair the camera with your REOLINK app and WiFi network following the instructions in your user manual. 
  4. Ensure your router is on the 2.4GHz band during setup. 

Follow all on-screen pairing prompts and scan the QR code again when prompted in the Reolink app. 

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Live View Not Working

If you’re having trouble viewing your Reolink cameras live in Clear Stream, the issue could be due to unstable network or software problems. Here are some solutions to help you fix the problem: 

  1. Check the Network Connectivity. Verify your mobile device and security camera have a reliable WiFi connection by moving them closer to the router. Check for connectivity icons displayed in the app.
  2. Power cycle your network device, like the router and modem, to refresh connections.
  3. Updating Firmware. Outdated camera firmware can prevent the live view from functioning correctly. Go into your REOLINK app > Device Settings > Firmware Upgrade to download the latest firmware file for your camera model. Allow 15-30 minutes for installation to complete. The live stream should refresh once upgraded.
  4. Clear the Reolink App Cache. From your mobile Settings menu, locate the Storage settings for the REOLINK app—clear cached data and app history that could prevent live stream access due to a corrupt file.
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If the problem persists, try upgrading the camera firmware and contact support for assistance.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Motion Detection Alerts Not Working

 If your REOLINK camera has suddenly stopped sending motion detection alerts, try these recommendations:

  1. Adjust the Motion Detection Zones. Open the app and select your camera > Video Settings > Detection Area to modify motion zones. Expand and reposition the zones, keeping them centered in active areas.
  2. Checking Notification Settings. Confirm that notifications and alert tones are enabled for your camera from Device Settings > Notifications. Double check motion detection alerts are also turned On.
  3. Update the Camera Firmware. Install the latest REOLINK firmware via WiFi which could resolve software bugs preventing motion alerts. 
  4. Allow sufficient time for detection events to trigger notifications after making the adjustments.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Micro SD Card Not Working   

If recorded video clips are not saving properly to the memory card, verify:  

  • Format the SD card to FAT32 on your computer. Corrupted cards may need reformatting. From Device Settings > Storage > Format, choose microSD card to wipe and reformat the installed memory card.  
  • Test recording clips again after a few minutes once formatting completes. Saved video will confirm a working card. Try another SD card, If another camera can recognize the SD card, you can try swapping the SD card. 
  • Testing the SD card in a Different Camera. Try your potentially faulty memory card in another known working REOLINK camera if available to further test if the card itself has failed. 

Persistent recording issues points to a bad SD card requiring replacement.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Not Showing on NVR

Here are some things to try if your Reolink camera isn’t showing on your NVR: 

  1. cover the daylight sensor or place the camera in a dark area to check the camera’s power. If the IR LED turns on or you hear sounds, the camera is powered on. 
  2. Reset and reconfigure the NVR and cameras to their factory defaults to check the network configuration. 
  3. Reset the camera to the default password (blank) to check the camera’s password. 
  4. To check the router, ensure that all the UDP ports from 1-65535 in your router are enabled. Also, check the router’s firewall settings to see if remote access is blocked. 
  5. To check the connection, move the camera closer to your router, ensure the camera’s antennas are firmly fixed, change to a different WiFi channel, and disconnect other devices from the WiFi.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Cannot Play Back Recordings  

If your REOLINK camera will not play back saved video clips, confirm that:

  • Checking Local Storage. Ensure your camera has a properly functioning microSD card inserted for local recording capability. From Device Settings > Storage, check the Total Space and Free Space values with a card installed to verify usable storage for video clips. If using an NVR, confirm sufficient hard drive space is accessible on the NVR as well. 
  • Checking Internet for Remote Access. For remote playback access to video clips from cloud storage, verify you have an active internet connection on both the viewing device and the security camera streaming the footage. 
  • Cloud recordings cannot be remotely retrieved in the mobile app for playback after initial upload without internet connectivity.
  • Inspect Windows Event Viewer > Administrative Events for recent errors that mention the NVR. Google error codes starting with VMS30016 to troubleshoot identified NVR issues preventing recording playback.
  • If available, update the REOLINK client software and the NVR firmware to resolve potential software bugs corrupting recordings.  
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REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Displaying as Offline

If you receive an offline or unavailable message for your REOLINK wireless camera, try the following:

  •   Checking WiFi Connection. Move the camera closer to your router and reopen the REOLINK app to check if the live view is restored.  
  • Toggle on airplane mode briefly or manually reconnect the camera to WiFi to ensure the wireless signal reconnects.   
  • A weak, inconsistent signal can drop connectivity over time. Relocate your router if necessary to improve coverage.
  • Factory reset the camera using the pinhole button to wipe settings. Re-pair it with your WiFi per setup instructions, which often resolves offline messages. During pairing, carefully enter your WiFi password to avoid typos that could break connectivity.

For persistent offline camera messages not resolved by resetting or WiFi troubleshooting, contact REOLINK support directly for possible warranty service if under 2 years old.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Night Vision Not Working   

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing anything on your screen and see a dark image, try following these tips to troubleshoot the issue. 

  • First, ensure that the “Day and Night” setting is set to automatic and “Black and White” is also set to automatic.
  • If you have selected “Auto” under “Night Mode,” the spotlights will only turn on when an alarm occurs. However, if the additional light source in the environment is not bright enough, it may still show a black image.
  • If you have set the spotlights to “Always on,” but they don’t light up at night, try manually turning them on for a test.
  • Wipe the camera lens clean of dust, dirt, and insects, which can block the IR LEDs needed for night vision.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Microphone Not Working

If your cam microphone is not working, try the following to troubleshoot:

  • Check the mic hole for blockage and gently clean off debris if any dirt is blocking the hole.
  • Adjust the higher volume levels on both the camera end and the viewing device, and ensure you’ve not muted the Cam microphone from settings or the Reolink app.
  • Make sure the Record Audio option is turned on. Enable Audio Settings to On for local SD card recording to confirm the mic function.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Not Receiving Notifications

If you’re not receiving notifications on your device for your Reolink Cam, do the following troubleshooting:

  • Ensure you enable push notifications in the Reolink app. Log into the Camera on the Reolink App. Go to Device Settings > Push Notifications, and enable Push.
  • Make sure your cam has power and is working correctly. Battery-powered REOLINK cameras rely on sufficient charging to have the capacity to transmit motion alerts to your phone. Use a reliable power source.
  • Force quit and re-open the REOLINK app on your mobile device. Verify notification permissions are enabled for the app in iOS/Android Settings.
  • Ensure you have an active internet connection and allow the Reolink app to send notifications on your device. You can also try a different mobile device to determine if it’s an app-specific issue preventing alerts.
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REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Not Turning On  

If your Reolink Cam won’t turn on, try the following troubleshooting:

  • Ensure the Camera is connected to the power supply, and then check for the charging indicator light to confirm power connectivity.  
  • Try an alternate compatible power adapter, like a phone charger. Faulty OEM adapters can fail intermittently.
  • Battery-powered cameras may require replacement rechargeable lithium batteries, which drain over time if they are 3+ years old.

If the cam won’t turn on after checking out the above, your cam may be faulty. Contact Reolink support for further assistance.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Remote Access Not Working   

If you’re unable to access your Reolink security camera remotely, try the following to fix the problem:

  • The Camera might not be powered on or connected to the internet. You can check the Camera’s status light to see if it’s powered on.
  • Check internet connectivity on both devices. Mobile data enables remote access when away from home WiFi.  
  • Ensure your REOLINK account, including live view, is registered to access the cloud. You can
  • Re-register the Camera to your account if it is missing. Use a strong, unique password following onscreen prompts.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera Failed to Scan QR Code

Try the following if you’re unable to scan the QR code on your Reolink Camera: 

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet and has a good network connection. Also, make sure that the Camera has power and is switched ON. 
  • Manually enter the encryption key displayed under the QR code if the connection fails after multiple scan attempts from multiple angles.  
  • Too much glare on the QR label can interfere with your mobile device scanner or Camera from recognizing the information on the QR code or label. Shade the code and stay 12-20 inches from the Camera for an ideal focus distance.

How to Factory Reset REOLINK Wireless Security Camera   

Resetting a Reolink wireless security camera can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Locate the Reset button on your camera. It is usually located on the bottom or back of the device.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button.
  3. With the Reset button still pressed, power on the camera.
  4. Hold the Reset button for 10 seconds, then release it.
  5. After resetting, your camera will return to factory default settings.

Following these steps, you can easily reset your Reolink wireless security camera and start using it again.


While REOLINK wireless security cameras offer reliable performance in most installations, they can develop issues like any IoT device requiring troubleshooting. 

Reviewing connectivity, physically resetting devices, updating firmware, and contacting technical support are the primary ways to revive malfunctioning cameras. Check out the Reolink Security Camera not connecting to fix any issues with smart integration, WiFi, and the Reolink app issues. 

If you still have issues, don’t hesitate to contact the Reolink support team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Default Login ID and Password for My Reolink Camera?

The default username for Reolink devices is “admin.” The default password is blank. The default admin account is not editable.

Why Does My Reolink Camera Keep Losing WiFi Connection?

Frequent WiFi drops that display your camera offline are often due to distance from the router, network congestion, or interference from metal barriers and other WiFi devices. Try moving the camera closer to the router with fewer obstructions in between.  

My Motion Alerts Stopped Working Suddenly. How Can I Troubleshoot This?

Start by checking if notifications are still enabled for that individual camera in your mobile device’s REOLINK app settings. Then, inspect the camera’s detection zones to ensure active areas are monitored and alerts are turned on under Video Settings. Firmware updates can also resolve software bugs disrupting motion alerts.

What Kind of Memory Card Is Recommended for Reolink Cameras?

Reolink cameras accept SDHC or SDXC micro SD cards. For the maximum SD card storage, refer to the Maximum SD Card Storage/Capacity Reolink Camera Supports. It is recommended to format the SD card on the Reolink App or Reolink Client after you can access the camera. 

Why Does Night Vision Footage Appear Very Dark or Not Work at All?

Check for obstructions on the camera window blocking the IR LEDs, which enable night vision capability after dark. Also, turn off Auto IR mode, which can interfere with night vision performance. Reflections from exterior light sources like spotlights can also prevent the IR sensor from properly turning on at night. Reposition the camera facing away from light interference.